Friday, April 3, 2009

A Week of Wonderful Vintage Wedding Dress Patterns - Day 3

Boho Style Wedding Dress Pattern

McCalls 4038 - Copyright 1974
Adorable and lovely....that sums it up! The back zippered dress
with neckband, puffed sleeves and ruffling has an underlined midriff
and lined lower skirt band and short sleeves gathered into bands.
The bodice in view C has lace.
Detachable apron in view C has ruffling.
Size of Pattern: 12Bust: 34Waist: 26.5Hip: 36
Pattern Envelope: discolored due to age, creases, top
rough corner at envelope flap with small tear in
two places on front, pattern store stamp on front
Pattern Instructions: Included
Pattern Pieces: complete
Today's vintage wedding dress pattern is a young, fresh, boho style! My older sister had an outdoor wedding back in the 70's and she wore a wedding dress much like this one. I love the strip work in the front. You could mix and match different types of fabric and create a one-of-a-kind wedding dress!
I came across an article the other day on vintage wedding dresses. The author pointed out how vintage wedding dresses are so in style today. She also said that by wearing a vintage wedding dress it shows everyone your own sense of style.
She also mentioned what to look out for when purchasing a vintage wedding dress : The article reads: Since many times you will find that the vintage wedding dresses have faded to a creamy color, you may be uneasy about getting one. Some people prefer it this way because it gives the dress more character. But if you would prefer it to look the way it did originally, you can request that the seller have the dress whitened for you. Often this can be done without harming the fabric. Before you decide to make the purchase you may also want to talk to the local dry cleaner about the type of fabric used in the dress. They can give you an idea about how well it will hold up and whether it can be cleaned and pressed before you wear it on your big day.
Whether you decide to purchase a used vintage wedding dress or sew your own wedding dress using a vintage wedding dress pattern, it will show to all your family and friends that you have your own personal style and fashion sense. You don't have to wear the same cookie-cutter wedding dress that thousands of other girls are wearing this year! You can be different and look beautiful at the same time!

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