Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Vintage Sewing Pattern SALE!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Great Video's For Beginner Sewing - "How To" Video's on Purchasing, Reading, Cutting Out and Pinning a Pattern!

I recently came across several videos on YouTube regarding several different topics on buying, reading and understanding patterns. The information is great for someone new to sewing or to even a veteran seamstress that just wasn't sure what all the different markings on the pattern were really all about!

The videos cover topics such as: How to read a pattern, How to understand which body type the pattern will fit best, How to cut out the pattern, How to know how much material and what type of material you should buy for your pattern, How to layout and pin the pattern to your material and more!

You can find the videos on my website, sassybydesign.com, listed on my articles page or you can follow this link ! Enjoy Sewing!
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vintage Prom Dress Patterns

Butterick 6391 Sewing Pattern Designer Rimini Formal Prom Dress
Fitted Bodice Corset Style Top and Full Skirt UNCUT
Butterick 6391 - Copyright- 1999
This close-fitting, lined, boned top has princess seams, dropped waist, contrast piping/loops with button trim, shaped front and back separating zipper. View A has contrast shoulder straps. The lined, flared skirt is floor length and has a waistband and a back zipper/pleats.
Size of Pattern: Multi sized 6,8 & 10
Bust: 30-32.5Waist: 23-25Hip: 32.5-34.5
Pattern Envelope: Great condition - only a few creases
Pattern Instructions: Included
Pattern Pieces: UNCUT and FACTORY FOLDED

This isn't a vintage pattern but I couldn't resist adding it in ! I love the fitted bodice and the super full skirt! I think this dress would make any girl look like a princess! This "ball gown" type of pattern works well with any figure and even helps conceal problem hip and leg areas.
A prom dress is both an important decision and can be a very costly one as well. I recently came across an article that listed some great reasons to sew your own dress! One, very big reason, is the cost. The article states that an average prom dress can cost up to $ 500.00! The article then states that the cost of sewing your own dress normally runs about $ 50.00! Well, we know that this amount can vary depending on the type of material and trims that you may use but the savings will still be worth it in the end! Just think....more money to spend on all the finishing touches like....hair, nails, jewelry and don't forget....awesome shoes!
To read more of this great article, go to: http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/8-11-2006-105212.asp

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A Week of Wonderful Vintage Wedding Dress Patterns - Day 4

Butterick 3136 Sewing Pattern Wedding Bridal Dress Gown and Bridesmaid. Fitted Bodice, Princess Seams, UNCUT
Butterick 3136 - copyright 1985
Bridal gown has fitted, lined, shaped front bodice with princess seams, flared skirt, front pleat, side back seams, back zipper, and above elbow sleeves with elastic at cap or long sleeves shaped at lower edge with button/loop. View A- collar and yokes with back button/loop and train. Views B & C - boned bodice and flowers. View C - sleeves have elastic at lower edge.
Purchased petticoat.
Size of Pattern: 12Bust: 34Waist: 26.5Hip: 36
Pattern Envelope:two tears on front still very readable
Pattern Instructions: included
Pattern Pieces: UNCUT and FACTORY FOLDED

A bride now has the option of choosing a wedding dress "straight off the rack" or designing her own wedding dress. Vintage sewing patterns offer the bride a chance to show their own uniqueness and style.
I recently came across a great article on designing your own wedding dress. The article listed four main types of wedding dress styles. The pattern that I have listed today would be the 1st style mentioned, which is the "ball gown". The article reads: This is the pattern of the traditional white wedding dress, which remains extremely popular, and consists of a fitted bodice and tight waistline leading into a full bell shaped skirt.
The article goes on to list three more distinctive styles of wedding dresses that serve as the foundation for the wedding dress style but then can be sewn, with hundreds of different options, to be a totally unique wedding dress.
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Friday, April 3, 2009

A Week of Wonderful Vintage Wedding Dress Patterns - Day 3

Boho Style Wedding Dress Pattern

McCalls 4038 - Copyright 1974
Adorable and lovely....that sums it up! The back zippered dress
with neckband, puffed sleeves and ruffling has an underlined midriff
and lined lower skirt band and short sleeves gathered into bands.
The bodice in view C has lace.
Detachable apron in view C has ruffling.
Size of Pattern: 12Bust: 34Waist: 26.5Hip: 36
Pattern Envelope: discolored due to age, creases, top
rough corner at envelope flap with small tear in
two places on front, pattern store stamp on front
Pattern Instructions: Included
Pattern Pieces: complete
Today's vintage wedding dress pattern is a young, fresh, boho style! My older sister had an outdoor wedding back in the 70's and she wore a wedding dress much like this one. I love the strip work in the front. You could mix and match different types of fabric and create a one-of-a-kind wedding dress!
I came across an article the other day on vintage wedding dresses. The author pointed out how vintage wedding dresses are so in style today. She also said that by wearing a vintage wedding dress it shows everyone your own sense of style.
She also mentioned what to look out for when purchasing a vintage wedding dress : The article reads: Since many times you will find that the vintage wedding dresses have faded to a creamy color, you may be uneasy about getting one. Some people prefer it this way because it gives the dress more character. But if you would prefer it to look the way it did originally, you can request that the seller have the dress whitened for you. Often this can be done without harming the fabric. Before you decide to make the purchase you may also want to talk to the local dry cleaner about the type of fabric used in the dress. They can give you an idea about how well it will hold up and whether it can be cleaned and pressed before you wear it on your big day.
Whether you decide to purchase a used vintage wedding dress or sew your own wedding dress using a vintage wedding dress pattern, it will show to all your family and friends that you have your own personal style and fashion sense. You don't have to wear the same cookie-cutter wedding dress that thousands of other girls are wearing this year! You can be different and look beautiful at the same time!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vintage Children's Patterns

Today's Favorite Vintage Pattern -
Vintage Children's Pattern
Simplicity 5180
Copyright -1960's

I have so many great Vintage Children's Patterns listed at my store - Sassy By Design- that it's hard to choose just one! This dress pattern reminds me of a few dresses that I used to have when I was a young girl. The fashions today just don't compare!
I have six great nieces and one niece that are still small children. I'm amazed and a little shocked by the so called "fashion" that is out there today for little girls. It isn't anything like it was when I was a young. I still remember wearing my patent leather shoes, carrying a matching purse and white gloves out to a restaurant or church.
I came across an article where another mom feels the same about today's fashion for girls. Her article has some great points. She writes : What has happened to all the cute, modest, girly, innocent clothes anymore!? When I walk in the kid's section I'm surrounded by a sea of "Hannah Montana," ugh! I really don't want my girls wearing trashy little mini skirts and blinged out tees with "Secret Pop Star" emblazoned across the front!
To read more of this great article go to : http://kasiesallee.blogspot.com/2009/02/pretty-dresses.html

Vintage Prom Dress Patterns

A Week of Vintage Prom Dress Patterns

Simplicity 2238:
How very darling is this dress? Just love it!!!From pattern envelope: Teen-Age One-Piece Daytime and Evening Dress: Scallops enhance the neck edge and cap sleeves of the dart-fitted bodice. The gored skirt features a rippled peplum which joins the waistline seam. Style I, the evening version, is finished with a contrasting peplum. Copyright Date: 1947
Size of Pattern: 16Bust: 34Waist: 28Hip: 37
Pattern Envelope: split at the bottom, brittle due to age, several small tears along the seams still very readable
Pattern Instructions: Included
I thought since we were looking at vintage wedding dress patterns that it would be fun to look at the wonderful styles of patterns that you could use to sew your own prom dress!
Allot of Bridesmaid Dress Patterns can also be used for Prom Dress Patterns with little or no change in style or fit! I love this vintage pattern from 1947. The cute peplum skirt really adds allot of style to this dress! The length can be short or long, whichever you prefer. That's the great thing about designing your own prom dress, besides you will have the only dress like it!
This pattern, as well as other cute formal dress patterns, can be found at my store - sassybydesign!
There are so many different options to prom dresses today. I found a great article that gives some wonderful advice on how to design your very own prom dress! The author writes:
Prom Dress Designs
Cheap, low cost, affordable prom dresses that won't ruin the family budget can be found both online and offline. If you know how to sew and are crafty with a sewing machine, you can browse prom dress patterns and make your own prom dress , or contact an experienced seamstress local to you about making a prom dress that matches the dress pattern you like best.
Did you know that you can actually design your own prom dresses? Whether you are trying to find a strapless prom dress, prom dresses with sleeves, a Cinderella prom dress, a short prom dress or long prom dresses in your favorite color and style, you can design your own dress to your exact specifications. I have a lot of respect for young people who can design a prom dress that is stylish and modest all at the same time, plus the fact that the dress would be a one-of-a-kind prom dress that no one else has.
To read more of this great article, plus see an interesting video about a young girl that worea handmade dress to her prom but was not allowed to enter the prom and was eventually taken out wearing handcuffs, go to: http://www.tellinitlikeitis.net/2009/02/prom-dresses-2009-designer-prom-dresses-or-design-your-own-prom-dress.html
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A Week of Wonderful Vintage Wedding
Dress Patterns - Day 2
Simplicity 8623 Copyright 1999
Oh! How I love this pattern! What a great wedding dress this would be! I love the full skirt with the peplum over skirt! This pattern would also be a wonderful Renaissance or goth costume.
Size - P 12, 14, 16Bust- 34-38Waist- 28-32Hip-36-40
Pattern Pieces - UNCUT and FACTORY FOLDED Pattern Instructions- Included Pattern Envelope- some creases but in great condition

The Nontraditional Wedding Dress Pattern
Not everyone wants a traditional look for their wedding dress. You may have looked at all the bridal books and found that your idea of the "perfect dress" isn't out there. I found this great article on designing your own wedding dress.
They point out that some people have extraordinary taste. They may not like traditional weddings. Such brides may be great performers and want to have a show instead of a wedding. Halloween-style weddings or weddings like Cirque Du Soleil will need special dresses. In that case, brides can create their own unique dresses, gowns which never will be repeated
The pattern I have listed for today not only is lovely but has a wonderful Renaissance flair. This might be just what you are looking for! It can be found in my store : sassybydesign.com
Have fun creating your own special style.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How To Pick Out the Perfect Vintage Wedding Dress Pattern

Simplicity 9825 - copyright 1971
The lined dress with skirt softly gathered to the bodice above the normal waistline has a back zipper, a low round neckline and set-in sleeves. View 1 with embroidered ribbon trim and bows has long sleeves gathered to stay. View 1 & 5 have a scarf. View 3 has a ribbon belt. View 4 has lace trim and Venice lace edging is made of tucked fabric or plain fabric. Views 4 & 5 has ruffles, short, puffed sleeves gathered with elastic casings. View 5 dress and scarf feature a lace medallion trim. Size - 12Bust- 34Waist - 25.5Hip - 36

A Week of Wonderful Vintage Wedding Dress Patterns!

Goin" to the Chapel and we're gonna get marrrried!! June will be here before you know it.....it's time to start sewing! But, before you get started, how will you pick out the best pattern for this very special day? I thought it would be both helpful and fun to look at some of the wonderful vintage wedding dress patterns that I have listed at my store and take a look at some great articles about both new and vintage wedding dress patterns!

I recently came across some wonderful articles on both new and vintage wedding dress patterns. There's allot to consider when choosing the right wedding dress pattern; from the color, to the style, to your own body figure, to finishing touches.

This first article deals with choosing the right dress style to help accentuate your "best" body attributes and help conceal the "trouble" areas! This is what the author suggests:

You will want your wedding dress to show off your figure to it's best advantage. Listed below are the 4 basic body types and the goals that you want to keep in mind for yourself based on your body type when choosing your pattern:
Triangle -
your hips are wider than your bust and shoulders. Your goal will be to minimize your lower body and create the illusion of additional upper body width.
Reverse Triangle -
your upper body is wider than your lower body. Your goal will be to emphasize lower body width.
Hourglass -
your bust and hips are larger than your small waist. Your goal will be to create balance.
Since you want your wedding dress to be the most flattering of dresses, there are other things to think about as well, such as the color of the wedding dress.

To read more of this great article go to: Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Melinda_Barton http://EzineArticles.com/?Wedding-Dress-Patterns---Tips-On-How-To-Choose-Them&id=708910

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More FABULOUS Vintage Sewing Patterns - and A New Website too!!

I have launched my new website for my Vintage Sewing Patterns! I am so excited and can't wait to add more patterns! I hope you will check out all the "Fabulous Vintage Sewing Patterns" that I've listed. Don't fear...there's more patterns to come....around 1500 or so! If you don't see what you're looking for than email me! I may have just what you need in my ever growing pattern stash! Please check out my new website at: http://www.sassybydesign.com

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